How to edit an existing WordPress Reusable Block

Joshua Otwell
3 min readNov 23, 2022

Now that you have created a Reusable Block for your WordPress site, how do you make changes to it? Learn how in this article.

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Maybe you inherited a site and aren’t sure how to even create a WordPress Reusable block. You’re in luck because I have written that article just for you.

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Shown below is the original My-Block WordPress Reusable Block I created in the 1st article (mentioned above):

Manage WordPress Reusable Blocks Menu

In order to edit a Reusable Block select the block, click the 3-dot menu item, and choose the Manage Reusable blocks choice from the drop-down/up:

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Manage All WordPress Reusable Blocks Page

You are taken to a page that has any existing Reusable Blocks on your site. Simply click the Edit choice for whichever WordPress Reusable Block you want to change:

You can then make any changes you need to the WordPress Reusable Block on the page you are directed to. For the My-Block Reusable Block, I decided to make the text blue and the button background yellow.

Now anywhere on the site that the My-Block Reusable block is rendered, the changes are reflected as shown in the above screenshot.

Editing existing WordPress Reusable Blocks is a breeze. Let me know in the comments if you need any help with your WordPress Reusable Block or have any tips for us here.

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