How to create a Reusable Block in WordPress

Joshua Otwell
4 min readNov 9, 2022

I’m using Reusable Blocks a great deal on the Digital Owl’s Prose developer blog and my bass fishing niche website. Reusable Blocks are easy to create and use, but oh so powerful. I like ’em. A lot. Continue reading and learn how to create a WordPress Reusable Block. 👇

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Suppose I like the paragraph text, “But this is even cooler if I put a button on it” and the Fancy Button button and plan to reuse these pieces of content in several places throughout the site.

(Please ignore the horrid — or lack thereof — design on this test site as it is just that, a test site.


This is how we can make them into a WordPress Reusable Block.

Using the List Tree view, I’ve placed both the individual paragraph block and the button block into a Group. Then clicking on the 3-dot hamburger menu, choose Create Reusable block selection.

Now you can name the WordPress Reusable Block. In this example, I name it My-Block:

Click the Save button and the WordPress Reusable Block is saved.

To use a Reusable Block, simply choose it from the Block Type menu as you would any other block while drafting a blog post:

Previewing the post, we can see the My-Block WordPress Reusable Block is displayed in the body of the post:



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