There are multiple fields within the Technical Writer profession one can explore. The same can be said for the Web Development field as well. How about where these 2 disciplines converge? What type of role is that? Where should the focus be placed if such a role exists? On the writing? Or the programming? These types of questions are a constant in my mind here lately and through writing and sharing this post, hopefully, you can help me answer some of them.

I seem to be at a crossroads. To be perfectly clear, I am not working in either field…

CodeIgniter’s Query Builder ORM has class methods for nearly any kind of database access/operation you can think of. In this post, I’ll cover some of the available methods for retrieving aggregate-level query results. The examples in this post map out Query Builder method chaining to produce results you would get from a raw MySQL query. Continue reading to see more…

drawing of campfire flames
drawing of campfire flames
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Saved me some headache. I am glad you published this and that Google included it in my search results. Thanks again.

I write a lot of blog posts about MySQL, PHP, and Back-end Web Development. I look at blogging as a personal growth diary of how far I have come, as well as how much further I have to go.

Programming is hard. Remembering everything about programming is even harder. I don’t believe there is one single person who can remember every detail about programming. If such a person exists, then good for you.

All that said, I am not such a person. I need help with remembering things. …

Recently, I learned through some online reading that the TABLE statement is supported in MySQL. I was aware that PostgreSQL supported the TABLE command and used it from time to time. As time went on and I used MySQL more (nothing at all against PostgreSQL) I forgot about the TABLE statement. In this blog post, I’ll cover some rudimentary uses of the MySQL TABLE statement for any other developers who may not be aware that it too exists in MySQL…

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OS and DB used:

  • Linux Mint 20 “Ulyana”
  • MySQL 8.0.23


If you enjoy the content written here, by all…

There may be times you want to allow visitors the opportunity to attach a file to your form prior to sending it. While not applicable in all situations, including files with form data has its place.

Image by Christina Smith from Pixabay

For example, user profiles need avatars. And, in that case, you should allow only specific file types for them such as jpg, png, or gif.

On the other hand, if your form collects writing samples, both pdf and doc file types are popular choices and should be allowed whereas an image file type should be disallowed upon form submittal.

Perhaps the most important reason…

Continuing from where we left off in the companion post, WordPress Contact Form 7: Creating a basic form, we now need to configure the Contact Form 7 form so that the form data is received in the destination email upon submitting the form. If you haven’t read that post yet, be sure and visit it so you are up to speed.

Work in the Mail tab.

This screenshot shows the Mail tab for the “My Cool Form” Contact Form 7 form:

Email configuration errors.

Notice there is an error highlighted in red in the Additional headers section.

Why is that?

Recall that we changed a few of the…

Working with forms is common for anyone in the web development field. Forms are used to capture information for one purpose or another. Be it user login credentials, or customer order details, forms are at the heart of interaction in websites and applications across the Internet. The CodeIgniter PHP framework comes with several built-in helper libraries, that assist in rapid web development. One of them is the form helper. In this post, I’ll cover some of the common methods available from the form helper library…

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If you enjoy the content written here, by all means, share this blog and…

The Contact Form 7 plugin makes it super simple to create and include a working contact form on your WordPress site.

It cannot be said enough how important some means of contact is for your site. Otherwise, how will visitors — who may be potential customers — reach out to you?

By providing a simple Contact Form 7 form, that you can include on any pages and/or posts you like, you are well prepared to receive those incoming messages and queries.

For this tutorial, I assume you have the Contact Form 7 plugin already installed on your WordPress site. If…

Manipulating text or string data is such a common task that most all programming languages provide built-in functions for this specific purpose. PHP is no different in that regard. The language comes chock-full of different string manipulating functions. If you need string data in all capitalized or upper-cased letters, you can use strtoupper(). What about all lower-case strings? The strtolower() function takes of that. In this post, we visit some rudimentary examples and gain a feel for how these 2 functions operate.

Image by Isabell Demuth from Pixabay


If you enjoy the content written here, by all means, share this blog and your favorite post(s)…

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